Time choices are central to employee experience.

Research has well established the links between time culture, wellness, job satisfaction and retention.

I facilitate employee experience design, with sustainable productivity at the forefront. Co-creating objectively, and measuring results over time, you can rest assured you’ll see lasting impact.

All TimeBeings workshops:

Are tailored to participants’ needs, based on pre-event data capture
Are highly-practical working sessions
Are research-based, with reference list provided
Include post-event implementation support to ensure results

Upcoming Events

Mar 1 | 12:30PM | Online | Exclusive

Girls In Tech Australia 2023 Career Kickstart

This annual event empowers women to launch their career in tech with panel sessions, coaching, headshot photography and pitches from iconic tech companies.

You’ll find me in the marketplace, running speed-coaching sessions for those with time balancing work/job-hunting/study or with questions about time management in fast-paced businesses.

Feb 28 | 6PM | MEL | Public

Scale NetworkEd Masterclass: Smash Your Goals

In this practical working session Scale’s FoundEd and EmpowerEd alumnae will be guided to:

  • Clarify your big priorities and the small activities to get you there
  • Create your individual plan for consistent, sustainable execution
  • Set boundaries to protect what matters most in work and life
  • Strategies for when things don’t go to plan
Own Your Time

Let’s tailor a workshop to your needs

Help your start-up team, portfolio or community smash their goals sustainably with a tailored workshop series.

Informed by participants’ needs and feedback, and followed-up with accountability support measures, you can expect positive behaviour change that lasts.

Past Events

"Concrete advice for team productivity and wellbeing.”

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For your business:

TimeBeings facilitates practical working sessions and employee experience co-design to address time challenges faced by your fast-growing team.

Perhaps they’re stuck in meetings, distracted by group chat or struggling to switch off? Or maybe you’d like to support your team with better sleep habits, or encourage hobbies outside of work. Guided by your business’ values and policies, as well as individuals’ needs and preferences, we’ll work together to create and implement change that lasts.

Book a time to discuss your business’ needs.

For your community:

Are you a VC, business network or community? TimeBeings can develop a workshop series for your members, targeting common time challenges relevant to them. Participants will be guided to assess factors unique to their priorities, preferences and needs, leaving with an tailored behaviour change strategy for sustainable productivity.

Let’s chat about speaking engagements and collabs that support your people.