TimeBeings delivers tailored time management support to a wider audience through practical working sessions for your start-up, portfolio or community.

All TimeBeings workshops:

Are tailored to participants’ needs, based on pre-event data capture (a survey, calendar screenshot and/or time tracking)
Are highly-practical working sessions
Are research-based, with reference list provided
Provide options for accountability check-ins to support lasting change

Upcoming Events

Jun 7 | 8 AM | Melbourne

Details: Your portfolio partners want to do more with their time, and helping them there is a clear win:win. But first, let’s put an extra hour in your calendar.

Outcomes: You’ll leave with a plan for adding at least an hour of deep work time into your calendar each week, and inspiration for supporting your community to own their time.

Recent Events

May 12 | 12 PM | Virtual | $20 for non-members

Details: Establish personal policies that reflect your priorities, preferences and needs to help you kick goals sustainably.

Outcomes: You’ll leave with your own unique set of time policies to live by, and a plan to turn them into lasting behaviour change.

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For your portfolio or community:

Are you a VC, accelerator or start-up network? TimeBeings can develop a workshop series for your community, targeting common time challenges relevant to them. Participants will be guided to assess factors unique to their priorities, preferences and needs, leaving with an individual strategy for lasting behaviour change.

Let’s chat about developing a package for your community.

For your start-up:

TimeBeings facilitates working sessions to address time challenges faced by your start-up team.

Perhaps they’re stuck in meetings, distracted by group chat or struggling to switch off? Or maybe you’d like to support your team with better sleep habits, or encourage hobbies outside of work. Guided by your business’ values and policies, as well as individuals’ needs and preferences, we’ll work together to create and implement change that lasts.

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Bring your team together with this interactive workshop, tailored and targeted to your business’ needs, for results that last.