Reset 2022: Time workshop for start-ups

You’re pumped for the new year, but soon your calendar’s full. Priorities are hijacked. Habits don’t stick. You’re working reactively again.

It’s time to reset.

Bring your team together with this interactive workshop, tailored and targeted to your business’ needs, for results that last.


Participants will leave with:

  1. Individual mini-experiments to test strategies and gauge success
  2. A framework for resetting time approaches as future challenges arise
  3. Greater empathy and respect for others’ time preferences and priorities

Workshop content will:

  • Reflect your business’ flexible work policy, values and culture
  • Be targeted to your teams’ time challenges, preferences and priorities
  • Explore the latest time research
  • Involve all participants in strategy development
  • Encourage diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas

To ensure benefits last:

  • Regular check-ins for accountability, to track results and identify new challenges
  • Monthly Insights subscription to support ongoing time awareness
  • Individual coaching options

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