WHO: The Mintable is a community-based learning platform equipping managers with the skills and support to take their teams to the next level. Attendees were people leaders from high-growth companies in Australia and the US.

WHY: With their manager community calling for more time management advice, I was invited to kick-off their virtual Expert Speaker Series. 

HOW: In a pre-recorded presentation, I translated the latest time management research into actionable strategies, guiding leaders to tailor these to their circumstances and team needs. We got interactive with a live online Q&A, and I provided post-event 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to tailor tactics further. 

WHAT: Check out The Mintable’s top take-aways from the event. 

The host said…

I worked with The Mintable’s Head of Community, Michelle Yanez-Olivares, to set content direction that was relevant and accessible to their manager alumni. She said:

“Jenna was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Throughout our engagement, she was professional, collaborative, and delightful. Really pleased with the outcome of Jenna’s presentation and looking forward to future partnership opportunities” – Michelle Yanez-Olivares, Head of Community, The Mintable

Attendees said…

During the event, people leaders from high-growth companies in Australia and the US shared their time challenges, dived deeper into tactics of interest, then booked 1:1 coaching sessions with me to refine post-event actions. Here’s their response:

“I can’t recommend Jenna Polson enough!” – Gavin Ballard, CEO, DiscoLabs

“I really enjoyed the Time Management session with Jenna, it was engaging, interactive and provided the attendees with some actionable takeaways. Jenna also provided fantastic post-event support which enabled me to create a clear plan of what I could implement in my day-to-day work and I’m already seeing the benefits.” – Jess Booth, Head of Client Happiness – Victoria, Edrolo

Thanks Jenna, I’ve gone down a chronotype vortex today… I read your article and am going to share this with my team in our larger meeting next week. I’d love to book some time in with you. It’s all been super interesting (and very practical which is a huge plus!)” – Sales Manager

“You explained everything so clearly – clearly an expert in your field!” – CEO

“The session was really great and I’ll be changing my meeting and calendar setup!” – Customer Success Manager

“Loved the session! Helping people optimize time and get more out of their day is pretty powerful.  Really great stuff! :)” – HR Business Partner

And you?

Perhaps, like The Mintable, you’re leading a community who looks to you for engagement and support. Perhaps they’re struggling to balance their priorities, gain control of their schedule, or apply ill-fitting, generic or outdated time management advice? Let’s chat.