Timebeings hero image Your time reflects what you value most Your time reflects what you value most in your calendar, your team culture, in your life.

Measurable, lasting, guaranteed.

Whatever your goals in work and life, progress takes time, and time means choice.

TimeBeings helps fast-growing businesses smash their goals sustainably, addressing time management challenges with employee experience design and 1:1 coaching. Informed by your data and my research, you’ll action targeted behaviour change strategies that actually stick.

My guarantee is simple: more high-value time. We’ll agree quantifiable success metrics, and if you don’t hit them I’ll refund you.


Challenge your time truths

Stuck in meetings? On chat over the weekend? And who's getting enough sleep?

Your time's important, so you need your facts straight. TimeBeings analyses your time data in the context of your time perceptions, goals, and demographic-matched benchmarks to explore the truth of where time goes.

Tailored time management

Targeted advice for individuals and teams

There's nothing generic about what I do.

Your data and my research allows me to pinpoint your time challenges and tailor action plans to your goals. I'll work with you and your team to design a sustainably productive employee experience, and support behaviour change long term.

That's not a vague hope. I'll retest to prove progress for each participant and team.


The Process

Achieving measurable behaviour change

1. Test

A questionnaire and/or time-tracked data provides a baseline of how you spend your time in the context of your unique goals.

We'll define your key challenges and agree on quantifiable metrics for success.

2. Grow

Key challenges and goals are tackled through workshops and coaching.

Informed by my research, your data, preferences and priorities, we'll develop behaviour change strategies to hit your success metrics.

3. Retest

Time to prove your ROI.

By retesting metrics for individuals and teams we'll celebrate what worked, explore what's changed, and highlight the challenges to tackle next.

Why choose TimeBeings

You're smart, loyal and strategic. You care about your employees as humans and partners; you want to help them be their best, and love their experience along the way.

Generic time management training can only take you so far.

TimeBeings is different.

  • Your time data informs tailored solutions, and proves your progress
  • Both your personal and professional time can be considered to support all-round success
  • I'm with you for the long haul, providing ongoing support and iteration as things change
Meet the founder

Jenna Polson

I left my corporate career after having my second child, because I couldn't see how to align my time with my priorities in work and life. I wanted to solve my time management challenge before deciding my next career move.

Going deep into researching, testing and developing strategies for my own purposes revealed a gap for tailored, measurable time measurement support for professionals and teams more broadly. And so, TimeBeings began.

I apply my communication, facilitation and data-analysis skills previously developed as a policy advocate in the energy sector.

Outside TimeBeings, I'm a wife, mum, Christian, volunteer, chicken keeper, novice gymnast and avid traveller.


Workshops and Employee Experience Design

Meetings, focus time, availability, autonomy, comms channels...

Your time norms shape your team culture, and impact wellness, job satisfaction and retention. They're too important to leave to chance.

TimeBeings facilitates employee experience design, focussed on productivity and work/life balance.

We start with data, to understand your team's diverse needs, preferences and challenges. Combining this with the latest time management research, we'll co-create your employee experience for a sustainably high-performance culture.

Coaching Plans

Own your time, your way.

Following the Test-Grow-Retest structure, your 1:1 coaching program will be focussed on aligning your time with what matters most to you, in work and life.

Your qualitative and quantitative data inform highly targeted behaviour change tactics that are measurable, lasting and guaranteed.

It all starts with time awareness

Tips, insights and case studies every other month, to keep you progressing without clogging your inbox.

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