This Policy

TimeBeings is engaged by businesses (“clients”) to provide workplace and holistic time management
services to each business and its individual staff. This Privacy Policy governs practises under
TimeBeings’ engagements to respect business and individual rights for privacy and confidentiality.

Choice to participate

While broad participation is encouraged to enable greatest benefit, a Client’s staff may individually
opt-out of TimeBeings’ services. This may be advised to TimeBeings via email, the TimeBeings
questionnaire, or will otherwise be assumed where a staff member is non-responsive to TimeBeings
requests over a period of 10 business days.

Staff may also choose to participate in relation to work activities only or undertake the full holistic
program. This is to be advised via the TimeBeings questionnaire.


TimeBeings collects both personal and non-personal Information from participants in accordance
with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act).

The Privacy Act defines personal information as information or opinion about an identified individual
or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. All data collected under this engagement meeting
this definition will remain confidential between that participant and TimeBeings.

Personal data will be de-identified and aggregated with at least four other participants’ data before
being shared or published (either in raw or analysed form). This may include for the purposes of that
engagement, research, marketing, or other TimeBeings engagements.

Exceptions to the above may exist with the Participant’s explicit informed consent.

Audio-visual recordings

Group training sessions may be recorded to be shared with client participants who are unable to
attend, and for TimeBeings training purposes. Participants will be advised of this prior to the training
and have the option to remain off-camera.

Individual coaching sessions may be recorded only with the consent of that Participant, as a reference for
TimeBeings’ work with them. Such recordings will be treated as personal information as outlined

Participants may not record any TimeBeings training or coaching sessions without prior consent.