TimeBeings' Exclusive Workshop for VCs and Accelerators

Where: Church St, Richmond
When: 8 – 9:15 AM, Tue 7 Jun 2022

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About the topic

Start-ups want to smash their goals, making the most of limited resources before everyone burns out or quits.

You’re not surprised to hear their struggles with endless meetings, chasing the urgent over the important, or role modelling work/life balance. The problem is, they’re too stuck in the day-to-day to do much about it alone. It’s you who most values an investment in their development, and are prepared to enable it.

Here’s the ask

Before the event, you’ll…

  • Complete a 5-minute survey

At the event, you’ll…

  • Drink coffee with Melbourne’s top VCs and accelerators
  • Redefine time management for start-ups
  • Experience the alternative to generic training
  • Develop an action plan to gain 1 high-value hour/week in your own calendar

After the event, you’ll…

  • Explore whether time coaching is a good fit for your portfolio L&D offerings

About Jenna Polson

Jenna Polson is the founder of TimeBeings, a data-driven time coaching solution for start-up leaders and teams. Combining clients’ time data, priorities and preferences with her research and analysis, she develops highly-targeted strategies to guide clients towards their professional and personal time goals.

Alongside her founder role, Jenna is a wife, mum, Christian, volunteer, chicken keeper, novice gymnast and gelati-lover.


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